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  So, what are the benefits of being a member of REI?  

I'm not one to become much of a member of anything (I suppose my nomadic lifestyle transfers over many things), but all it took was one explanation of the benefits and I was in.

So, what are the benefits of being a member of REI? 

For starters, it's only $20 for a life time membership! Here come the good parts.

1. 10% annual refund. Just from buying the Osprey Atmos 65 for $239.00, I'm getting $23 back next March - no matter what. Your purchases add up, so the more you spend the more you get back. It's a once-a-year refund they call a dividend.

2. There are many special deals only members can enjoy. These include: coupons, discounts on rental gear, and special pricing on travel classes. Also, only members get to shop through their discounted items (a whole different level of the store I was at.)

3. It's a co-op. That means I actually only a little piece of REI - cool! But should I be supporting REI?

4. REI gives back - LOTS! REI is always making sure to give back to the environment, community, and employees. Last year (2012) REI gave $10,000 to support the bike lanes in the city of Chicago! Not only is that not selfish, worthless greed, it's beneficial aid (this was the clincher for me)!5. Life-time warranty. If you're item is damaged REI will take care of it. You can either get the product repaired, or if it cannot be repaired, you will simply get an entirely new item! Did I mention that was life-time?There are other benefits as well like a VISA card and voting privileges.


This isn't exactly a benefit of being an REI member, but it certainly helps the image and makes me feel good about supporting REI: on many products and brochures, REI always has females at the front. I love when a company respects women and support their roles in anything whatsoever. It's fantastic to see REI supporting women in this way.

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