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Half way point

I am half way finished with my TEFL class here at the International.

Mid-class update

United States Illinois, United States  |  Jul 23, 2012
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Today is my half-way point for the International TEFL Academy.  I have really been enjoying my experience here.  I have learned so much about the English language and I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of my classmates.  

The teachers here are very through and indept.  I feel like I am totally prepared to start my new adventure teaching overseas.  I have been working with Student Affairs to update my resume and start my job search.  Karen has been very helpful in this regard. 

Student teaching was very scary the first week, but now I am always excited about meeting and teaching new students.  Overall, I have really been enjoying my expereince here.  I am looking forward to updating everyone on the completition of my TEFL class.

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    Purple_Swissmiss wrote: Sat Jan 5, 2013
    I just signed up to start class on April 1st- thanks for hte encouragement!
  • Mid-class update

    July 23, 2012
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